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    Rilson gasket and seal material Inc
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    RS5010 Asbestos beater sheet Oct 27, 2007

    Inner packing: as per yr requirement

    Outer packing: as per yr requiremetn

    Price Terms: FOB

    Full Size:

    Quantity: as per need

    Detailed Product Description
    RS5010 Asbestos beater sheet with low density, high performance gasket material is designed for elevated temperature applications. It is composed of a blend of asbestos fibre, inorganic fillers nitrile binder. This provides the material with good torque retentions when combined with a metal core. It's low density makes it ideally suitable for perforated core applications & the high compressibility imparts good flange confirmability. This material is available in light grey, red or green shade.

    Density:1.05 - 1.15gm/cc
    Tensile Strength: 48kg/

    Thickness:0.5mm to 3.0mm

    Company: Rilson gasket and seal material Inc
    Contact Person:
    Address: Ciyong Road 405
    Zip: 315300
    Telephone: 86-574-63119186
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-574-63119185
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