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    Guangdong Horun Industrial Corporation
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    Originally taste and regard eating the principle of the homology in traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation, dispel the theory of human body's surplus fat according to Chinese medicine, the means of using medicines to eat the homology, adopt the latest science and technology, draw the active composition from the natural plant, through scientific compatibility being refined, could make the cells of smooth muscle of stomach activate after taking, produce the elasticity, resume the normal size of volume of stomach, it is difficult to eat and drink immoderately, and because the fat in the fat cell has already been burnt, cell resume normal size, supersession too getting normal, so it is difficult for fat not to pile up, do not rebound after stopping using too, does not include compositions such as excitant, diuretic, hormone, preservative, etc., not basically having any side effect to the human body, the pure natural prodcuts, safe, nonpoisonous side effect.

    Made by pure plant quintessence, can reduce weight effectively, eliminate the fat before not becoming, reach the international healthy weight-reducing standard not going on a diet, not suffering from diarrhoea, not rebounding.

    Ingredients: Gracinia cambogia extract, green tea extract, lotus leaf extract, Cassia extract, etc.
    Applicable to: Fat crowd
    Usage and dosage: Take orally and 2 capsules each time in the morning and evening, before meal in half an hour, 4 capsules a day.
    Net weight: 300mg*60 cappsule/bottle.
    Notice: Drinking more water.
    Guarantee period: 24 months
    Storage: Seal and store in cool and dry place

    Company: Guangdong Horun Industrial Corporation
    Contact Person:
    Address: Room C, 8/F, Boli Commercial Center, 498 East Huanshi Road Guangzhou Guangdong China
    Zip: 510075
    Telephone: 086-20-87300180-626
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 086-20-87303238
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