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    Hydrocarbon Resin (4)
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    Thankyou Chem(Henan)Co.,Ltd.
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    Sell C5 Petroleum Resin Oct 6, 2007

    Inner packing:

    Outer packing: 25kg ppbags

    Price Terms: T/T in advance / L/C at sight

    Full Size: 1*20 FCL without pallet

    Quantity: negotiable

    Detailed Product Description

    Our C5 hydrocarbon petroleum resin has fine heat stability and light color.It is good compatible with lots of polymers,and it has fine thickening capacity,its performance is very stable.


    It is the thickening content of adhesive and contact adhesive.It can be used in building structure and decoration,automobile assemble,tyre, packing,book,sanitation appliances and shoes.

    As the paint additives,it can speed the drying period,improve performance the of paint,including waterproof,acid, alkali resistance and anti-age, hardness and glossiness.As the melting joint route mark paint,it is fast dry, strong adhesion, long life,element resistane.It has fine heat stability.

    It can be used in medicinal vessel and packing additives,it can improve the performance of material in heat resistance,transparency and softness. It is also applied in rubber,plastic and optical record.

    Company: Thankyou Chem(Henan)Co.,Ltd.
    Contact Person:
    Address: No.324,Jingkai Road,Puyang City,Henan Province,China
    Zip: 457000
    Telephone: 86-393-8110188
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-393-8110366
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