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    Hebei Hengxing Fur Leather Co.,Ltd
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    supply FUR GARMENT Jul 19, 2007

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    In the impression that many fur coat is the long pattern, these long pattern already belonged to the traditional clothing. If a woman has the short pattern of the fur coat, can cause its charm with four to shoot, because the short pattern can cause the person to be younger. The orange-red plushshort coat, lets the person feel walks front end the fashion thermalenergy. The elegant noble black short coat, mounts the black plush which glistens, matches the dried orange not assymetrical length tosuspend long skirt, the skirt front edging two row of furry gaps isdecorating the ball under, in woman's gait, forms as soon as plants the large fluctuation to move the feeling, for the person the treedesiring calm but wind restless contrast feeling, increasingly graceful is moving. The fur clothing is all the rage the world mainlyis the different fur and the design is different for person'sdecoration, works elegant and the name brand clothing can promote the intrinsic makings. Welcome the domestic and foreign customers to come the electricity and to come you letter to buy.

    Company: Hebei Hengxing Fur Leather Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: Daying fur industrial area
    Zip: 053111
    Telephone: 86-318-8321638
    Mobile Phone: 13932845628
    Fax: 86-318-8328666
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