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    JiangYin TianXiang Plastic Chemical Belt Marking co LTD
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    nylon core transmission flat belt,belt Jun 5, 2007

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    Detailed Product Description
    Nylon core transmission flat belt.The tensile body£≠nylon.The surface£≠abrasive rubber or leather.The middle layer£≠high£≠strength polyamide fabric.It is advanced in high£≠strength,small£≠elongation,smooth£≠transmission,cushion and against£≠shock,high coefficient of friction,also excellent in resistance to greasy dirt and anti£≠static,good in transmission.
    Breaking strength of nylon base°›3000kgf/cm2
    Breaking extensibility of nylon base°‹25%
    Elastic coefficient of nylon base°›1200kgf/cm2
    Abrasive resistance of rubber surface°‹0.05cm3/1.61km
    There are two kinds of leather.One is head£≠layer leather,which the surface is smooth and compact.The other is second£≠layer leather,which is crude and loose after abrasive treatment on its surface.
    You can choose different thickness of belt base according to different load conditions and different rubbers thickness on different rsing conditions.The thickness of nylon core :0.3£≠1.5mm.Also processing special belts according to you demands.

    Company: JiangYin TianXiang Plastic Chemical Belt Marking co LTD
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    Address: NO63 XiHeng Street JiangYin City,JiangSu P.R.CN
    Zip: 214400
    Telephone: 86-510-84590699
    Mobile Phone: 15950131571
    Fax: 86-510-86885947
    Website: http://
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