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    Wenzhou Jiabo Latex Product Co.,Ltd
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    Latex Contour Pillow Sep 10, 2009

    Inner packing:

    Outer packing:

    Price Terms: FOB Ningbo

    Full Size:

    Quantity: 1000

    Detailed Product Description
    1) Our Natural Latex Topper is made of pure natural latex from Thailand, inherently anti-mite,anti-bacteria,anti-mildew, hypo-allergic, super softness and elasticity.

    2) Adopting Dunlop technique, Honeycomb design can ensure free breathing of products. keep cool in summer and warm in winter.

    3) Superior softness and pressure resistant, distribute the pressure evenly, provide comfortable support for body, less disturb your partner.

    4) Get Anti-bacteria, acarus-removing, mildew-resisting testing certificates. SGS, Intertek, ISO9001:2000 certified and Fireproof Certificate BS 5852 by UK certified.

    5) Can effectively improve the cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and lower the blood pressure. reduce snore, perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

    Company: Wenzhou Jiabo Latex Product Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: Zhenglou Industrial Zone,Pingyang,China
    Zip: 325400
    Telephone: 86-577-23855009
    Mobile Phone: 13958836022
    Fax: 86-577-23858788
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