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    shenzhen sapac industry co.,ltd
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    2 shot molding Aug 25, 2009

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    Detailed Product Description
    Shenzhen SAPAC Industry Co., ltd.
    It is a professional manufacturer of precision plastic mold and double-injection mold, automobile mold, and die casting.

    We have applied ISO/TS 16949 QUALIFIED.

    Our markets:
    mainly concluded automobile parts, electronic products, communication products and electrical insulation parts.
    Specializing in plastics injection mold and double injection mold as well as finished products: automobile parts, electronic products, communication products, double injection molds.

    Our service:
    Molding-building for conventional and double- shot tools.
    Injection molding for conventional and double-shot parts.

    Business range
    Automotive industry
    Home appliance

    Our major customers
    It has built strategy cooperation partners with oversea customers. Our major customer is including
    DELPHI (USA) MAGNA (USA) PMP (Canada) Stretch
    F-TRONIC (Germany) BYD (China) OBT-GLOBAL LTD (Israel)
    And it has laid a solid foundation for our large market share. Those customers have given this relationship a high praise regarding to best solution service. Localism and trust are our attitude to oversea customers.
    SAPAC welcomes its customers from all around the world.

    Company: shenzhen sapac industry co.,ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: S--Q building, Industry Distric of shasan Community, Shajing Street,518104,Shenzhen,China
    Zip: 518104
    Telephone: 86-755-33861188
    Mobile Phone: 15989473915
    Fax: 86-755-27324025
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