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    fountain solution Apr 21, 2009

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    Detailed Product Description
    Roller fountain solution FX-288

    1¡¢Made of various hydrophilic and water-retaining materials£¬start fast for washing£¬economical of paper£¬don't need any protective coating when poweroff¡£
    2¡¢Good PH buffer capacity¡¢reducing tension on the surface of water£¬fast diffuse£¬The film of water is thin and average£¬Good water-ink balance performance
    3¡¢Applicable to thermoset,commercial and high speed press roller¡£
    4¡¢Additive quantity:2-3%

    Alcohol-free fountain solution additive FX-325

    1¡¢Strengthening alipotropic performance of fountain solution effect,strengthing hidrophilic and lipophilicity of plate.
    2¡¢Strengthening viscosity of fountain solution and film of water extent speed on plate.
    3¡¢Avoid dirty phenomenon.This product only allow to add fountain solution.

    Use means£º
    Add additive after the water put in the fountain solution.
    Additive proprotion:0.1-0.2%,that means is 100Lwater add 100L water after that add 100~200ML additive.

    Company: Guangzhou Shi YinYu printing material Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: No.5 Liangyuanyi Road Yunzhu industry area zhongluotan town Baiyun district
    Zip: 540000
    Telephone: 86-20-22019188
    Mobile Phone: 8615602255200
    Fax: 86-20-22019111
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