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    Wenzhou Zhulian Industrial Co.,Ltd.
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    latex pillow Apr 16, 2009

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    Detailed Product Description
    latex pillow Product Features:
    1.100% natural latex components.
    2.Honeycomb design to obtain excellent ventilation and can rapidly depose the heat that human produce.
    3.Good elasticity can reduce the pressure of human body.
    4.Environment friendly and harmless.
    5.Non-toxic,anti-mite,bacillus prevention and hypo-allergic.
    6.Reducing the static charge during sleep.
    7.Effectively promoting sleeping because of the Human engineering principle design.
    8.latex pillow can effectively reduce the snore and be suitable for asthma.
    9.latex pillow can effectively improve the cervical vertebrae,lumbar vertebrae and lower the blood pressure.
    10.latex pillow correcting the posture of depending on sitting,lying.
    11.Filled apr scription shaping by Hi-Techscience,durable and never be deformed.

    Company: Wenzhou Zhulian Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Contact Person:
    Address: No.B305, 3Path,2 Road, BinhaiIndustrialPark,Economic & Technological Development Zone
    Zip: 325600
    Telephone: 86-577-28888589
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-577-28818589
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