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    Guangzhou Sunning Windpower Generator Co.. Ltd.
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    wind power generator Apr 14, 2009

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    Guangzhou Sunning Wind Power Generator Limited Company, as an energy-saving technology pioneer company, committed to develop and apply small-scale wind power generation equipment and solar power generation hybrid system. In response the call of government concerning on energy-saving & emissions reduction, we majorly focus on the development of hybrid power supply system. Based on radical innovatory design concept and high-tech application, make fully use of the green, clean energy to achieve zero power consumption, zero emissions, zero pollution. Products are widely used in roads, landscape, residential lighting and surveillance, telecommunication base station, ships etc. With long-term and good cooperative relationship with domestic and oversea innovative enterprises, constantly perfected after-sales services and the reasonable prices make products by consumers favor and widely used. Upon the occasion of development and application of global renewable energy, while wind power and solar power industry has entered an era of healthy and rapid development, Sunning Wind Power is willing to work with all sectors of the community of people and develop together with lofty ideals of mutual benefit and finally achieving the double win phase.

    Company: Guangzhou Sunning Windpower Generator Co.. Ltd.
    Contact Person:
    Address: Room 305-306, Hi-Tech Exchange Center, Tian An Hi-Tech Ecological Park, No.730, Yingbin Road, Panyu
    Zip: 511490
    Telephone: 86-020-39211683
    Mobile Phone: 13570012381
    Fax: 86-020-39388854
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