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    Shanghai Lizhi Polyurethane Manufactures Co., Ltd
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    silcon earplug without cord Apr 2, 2009

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    Detailed Product Description
    Shanghai Lizhi Polyurethane Manufactures Co., Ltd. is an innovative specialist in Polyurethane manufacturing, especially in anti-noise earplugs and protection earplugs. After years of research experience in polyurethane foam, anti-noise earplugs and protection earplugs make the quality of our products meet the International standard.
    We strive to design comfortable and stylish products for customers. This focus is sustained by advanced equipment and excellent specialists. Our main products include: Anti-noise Earplugs, Protection Earplugs, Polyurethane Foam, Air Pillows, air back cushions, sleep masks, sleep pillows, cool eye masks, Beauty Mask, cool anti-fever patches and cool /hot packs. Our anti-noise earplug and protection earplug have won great reputation among the market.

    Company: Shanghai Lizhi Polyurethane Manufactures Co., Ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: No. 18 Liming Rd, Liming Village, Pujiang Town, Shanghai 201318, China
    Zip: 201318
    Telephone: 86-21-58110470
    Mobile Phone: 15012727255
    Fax: 86-21-54322099
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