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    Green Speckle For Detergent Powder Mar 23, 2009

    Inner packing: 25kg/bags/PP/PLE

    Outer packing:

    Price Terms:

    Full Size:


    Detailed Product Description
    Use: Green_Sodium_Sulphate_Anhydrous_Speckle Its a kind of detergent raw material which can be added into detergent powder directly. Most detergent powder maufacturers adopted our products. The colorful particle is mainly used to work in coordination with detergent powder and improve a visual effect.

    Color: Blue, Green, Pink, Ultramarine blue, Red, Rose, Yellow, Orang, Purple.

    Main Composition: Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous.

    Specification: According to the quality requirement of QB 1806-93.

    We also can produce the products according to customers' specifications.

    Product specification:
    Appearance: Granules/speckles
    Odor: No peculiar smell
    Apparent gravity: 0.7-1.1g/ml
    Time of slaking: 5.0 min
    Particle diameter 0.45-1.25mm: 80%
    pH value (1% aqueous solution): 8.0-12.0
    Soda ash content: 0-20%
    Loss on drying: 6.0%
    We are manufacture,we have competitive price.

    Company: Sichuan Jinzhuang Chemical co.,ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: Xiang`er corporate center,
    Zip: 620000
    Telephone: 86-0833-8183958
    Mobile Phone: 86-13990322158
    Fax: 86-0833-8181489
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