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    Rhomboid Machine Mar 20, 2009

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    Detailed Product Description
    .Automatic Rhomboid Machine (Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine):
    Our automatic rhomboid machine applies technical double wire mesh forming principle from Germany that produces high quality mesh panel with good production efficiency. It uses reasonable design, microcomputer control and electromechanical integration to Complete automatically working procedures of spinning, shearing, mesh winding and lock seaming .
    Major Technical Parameter:
    1. Production capacity: 80-120 (m2/h);
    2. Steel wire diameter: 2.0-4.0 (mm), spinning number: Twofold
    3. Mesh panel width: 600-4000 (mm), mesh panel length: optional;
    4. Power (motor): 3.0kw, 4.0kw, and 0.12kw for each;
    5. External dimension (2m width) (length width height)4.5m4.5m2.5m;
    External dimension (4m width) (length width height)6.5m4.5m2.5m;
    .Semi-Automatic Rhomboid Machine (Semi-Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine):
    Our semi-automatic rhomboid machine is easy for technical operation. It uses manual wire snipping and lock seaming to produce flattening mesh panel with credible performance of complete machine and little failure, which is suitable for small enterprises.
    Major Technical Parameter:
    1. Production capacity: 15-20 (m2/h);
    2. Steel wire diameter: 1.0-4.0 (mm);
    3. Power (motor): 3.0kw and 0.12kw for each;
    4. External dimension (length width height)2.4m4.4m2.5m

    Company: Anping Hengyuan Factory
    Contact Person:
    Address: BeiXin Road, Anping
    Zip: 053600
    Telephone: 86-318-7020665
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-318-7022608
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