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    Shouguang Aoxin Machinery Co., Ltd.
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    auger flight Feb 23, 2009

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    Detailed Product Description
    Our company offers various kinds of harvester blade, harvester finger, helical blade, spiral blade,helical bladefor combine harvester ,auger flight , auger flight for ground dill , cutting blade assembly.We also provide some different kinds of salt indurstry machinery such as salt conveyer,salt-stacking machine, salt-collecting machine ,and plastic picking and laying machine. Our helical blades are widely used in a variety of harvester spirals, and different kinds of transmission devices,earth auger for grain processing machinery.We choose imported high quality steel , import special equipments,and use rolling technology . Processing range: diameter 36mm, outer diameter 800 mm, thickness 8mm, arbitrary length, arbitrary pitch. The product characterizes a smooth surface, high strength,good durability and cheapness. In addition to machinable standard harvester fittings, any drawing or new specification is welcome.

    Company: Shouguang Aoxin Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:
    Address: ChaHe junction Northbound 500 meters, Houzhen Town, ShouGuang city
    Zip: 262724
    Telephone: 86-151-53695991
    Mobile Phone: 15153695991
    Fax: 86-0536-5336493
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