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    Daxinganling Lgberry Organic Foodstuff Co., Ltd (sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn)
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    Lutein, marigold flower extract (sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn) Feb 19, 2009

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    Detailed Product Description
    (sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn)
    Active ingredient: Lutein
    content: [90%, 80%, 75%, 40%]
    detection method:กก
    Lutein is an antioxidant, which belongs to the carotenoid family. It is also a yellow coloured pigment. Although lutein is not categorized as a vitamin, dietary lutein is believed to be an essential nutrient for normal vision. Because lutein is fat soluble, a deficiency may occur if fat digestion is impaired.
    Lutein can lower the risk of age related vision loss, which causes gradual loss of central vision. Age related vision loss or age related macular degeneration (AMD) is caused by steady damage of the retina. Lutein probably acts by preventing oxidative damage of the retina cells. Lutein is concentrated in the central part of the retina, called the macula. In the macula are yellow pigments (macular pigments, composed of zeaxanthin and lutein) which protect the retina from damage of the photo-oxidative affect of blue light.
    Lutein can also reduce the risk for artery diseases. Studies have shown that persons with the highest lutein intake showed the lowest artery wall thickening. Lutein also reduces the oxidation of LDL cholesterol thereby reducing the risk of artery clogging.
    Lutein can also reduce the risk of skin cancer and sunburn. Under influence of sunlight, free radicals are formed inside the skin. These free radicals can damage the DNA of cells. Lutein can protect against the damaging effects of UV-B radiation.
    Main Function:
    1. Promote healthy of eye and skin through reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration,
    2. Be good at protecting the eyes, the arteries and the lungs from damaging free radicals,
    3. Support normal eye function and protect the retina by blocking harmful blue light,
    4. Reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancers.
    If interested, kindlly please contact us via sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn.

    Company: Daxinganling Lgberry Organic Foodstuff Co., Ltd (sales6 at lgberry dot com dot cn)
    Contact Person:
    Address: Yongxing Street, Xiaoyangqi Town, Songling District, Daxinganling Area, Heilongjiang, China
    Zip: 165000
    Telephone: 86-452-6101888
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-452-6188377
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