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    Metal Expansion Joints (7)
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    Ningbo TianYi Chemical Industrial(T.C.I) Co., ltd
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    Rubber bellows Oct 25, 2008

    Inner packing:

    Outer packing:

    Price Terms: 10

    Full Size:

    Quantity: 100000

    Detailed Product Description
    we can supply:
    Expansion joints and Hose, PTFE expansion joints,Matchless Metal hose, Metal expansion joints and flexible connectors,Teflon lined spool type expansions joint, Rubber bellows, and Rubber Expansion joints,PTFE envelop EPDM, PTFE lining cross, Steel expansion joint, Flange PTFE lining, Tee PTFE lining, TEE flange PTFE lining, PTFE lining, Helix flexible hose.

    We are looking for cooperator or distributor in your market.
    Flange PTFE lining
    Helix Flexible hose
    Matchless Metal Hose
    Metal Expansion Joints
    Expansion joints and Hose
    PTFE envelop EPDM
    Tee PTFE lining
    PTFE lining cross
    Rubber bellows
    Rubber expansion joint
    Steel expansion joint
    TEE flange PTFE lining
    PTFE lining

    Company: Ningbo TianYi Chemical Industrial(T.C.I) Co., ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: No.181,HuiZhan Road ,Ningbo city, China 315000
    Zip: 315000
    Telephone: 86-574-87990349
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-574-87990349
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