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    wobbler machine Aug 16, 2008

    Inner packing:

    Outer packing:

    Price Terms: cash OR T/T

    Full Size:

    Quantity: wholesale

    Detailed Product Description
    My company profession produces the style novel reel machine, adopting the fifth generation glass steelwork to model once, the iron piece static electricity sprays Λά to roast a paint, providing with the forerunner's light, in fixed time, throw currency, music and touch echoic function etc., adopt a way that throw currency's start.Automatic control, time is set by the customer, and have a shape novel, the safe function adapts a place so much to wait a characteristics extensively, the quality is dependable, price special discount.The view faces the public a friend to come talks to order. Electric voltage(voltage):220 Vs, 50 HZs Power(power):80-180W

    Company: Guangzhou TongXing Co.,Ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: NO 13 (Tongde Circuit) Dekang Road Baiyun District
    Zip: 510470
    Telephone: 86-020-36489388
    Mobile Phone: 13928788287
    Fax: 86-020-36476206
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