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    Xuzhou Jinxing Graphite Material Factory
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    Flexible Graphite Foil in Roll Jul 15, 2008

    Inner packing: carton box

    Outer packing: wooden box

    Price Terms:

    Full Size:


    Detailed Product Description
    Flexible graphite foil is made with pure expanded mineral graphite. Our flexible graphite sheet has a high purity of 99% carbon content. Higher carbon content gives the flexible graphite better chemical resistance, better thermal conductivity, and better sealability. As gasket material, it is usually fabricated into Graphite Laminate, and widely used in fluid sealing applications: flange gasket, spiral wound gasket, heat exchanger gasket, etc. It can also be used as solid lubricant in metal stamping and forming applications, or as heat liner in industry furnaces and other heating devices.

    High Carbon content 99% Min.
    Contains no rubber or binder, 100% Asbestos free.
    Widely working temp. from -200íŠ to +3300íŠ in non-oxidizing.
    Chemistry resistance, oxidation resistant and corrosion resistant.

    Company: Xuzhou Jinxing Graphite Material Factory
    Contact Person:
    Address: No.199, Haiguan North Road
    Zip: 315300
    Telephone: 86-574-63042381
    Mobile Phone: 86-574-63042381
    Fax: 86-574-63040635
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