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    lw yicheng foods co ltd
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    potato Jun 28, 2008

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    We are famous for the ˇ®hometown of ginger,garlic,scallion and pepperˇ±here (laiwu Shandong china)is the production base of ginger,garlic,potato and pepper.

    Laiwu City in the eastern part of Taishan, Shandong Central. Transport facilities, railroads, highways surrounding areas more developed, the ecological environment, rich natural resources, is the famous "three spicy one the" production base. There are ginger, garlic, Chinese pepper (Tai Hong Pao), fried onions, yams, great burdock, carrots, onion etc., for export around the world.

    we, a wholly foreign-owned, franchised agricultural import and export business, in ginger, garlic, Chinese pepper (Tai Hong Pao), fried onions, yams, great burdock, carrots, and other raw materials Yuancong processing, deep processing, dehydration processing, salinity processing export business, sold around the world, including the United States, Europe, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Korea, dozen countries.

    Welcome to visit our factory and cooperate.

    Company: lw yicheng foods co ltd
    Contact Person:
    Address: laiwu shandong china
    Zip: 271100
    Telephone: 86-0634-13326348926
    Mobile Phone: 13326348926
    Fax: 86-634-885616
    Website: http://
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