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    Lisam Hydraulics Co., Ltd.
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    Eaton Hydraulic Motor Jun 10, 2008

    Inner packing:

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    Detailed Product Description
    We manufacture high quality orbital hydraulic motor in accordance with eaton designs. All of our orbital motor are high interchangeable to the OEM ones.

    The advantage of our motors:

    1) Compact design with spool & Disk valve and gerotor;
    2) Imported high pressure capacity shaft seal;
    3) A wide variety of mounting flanges, shafts, ports and speeds provide design flexibility;
    4) Direction and speed of shaft rotation can be controlled easily and smoothly;
    5) Best combination of efficiency and economy in medium duty applications.

    The models we are handling
    Spool Valve Orbital Motor: JS (OMR), JH(OMP), BM3, BM4
    Disc Valve Orbital Motor: 2000 (OMS) 6000(OMT)

    Company: Lisam Hydraulics Co., Ltd.
    Contact Person:
    Address: #52, Siming Rd., Tengtou Industry Zone, Ningbo, China
    Telephone: 86-0574-87809925
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-0574-87797223
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