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    corn starch Apr 22, 2008

    Inner packing: pe

    Outer packing: pp. bag, 25kg ,500kg

    Price Terms: fob /cnf

    Full Size:

    Quantity: 1300000mts

    Detailed Product Description
    Corn starch is used for food and other industries fields.
    Modified starch is usually used in papermaking and ham, jam.
    Oxidized starch, cationic starch, acetyl starch, modified starch for papermaking and ham, jam.

    We passed the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Certificate and Green Food Certificate. We Assure Any Enquiry From You Will Receive Our Prompt Attention.

    Specification of corn native starch:
    Appearance: White powder
    Protein: 0.35%max
    Moisture: 13.5%max
    Viscosity: 150 pc(6%, 95cd)
    Finess: 99.5% pass 100mesh
    Whiteness: 90%min
    Ash: 0.15%max
    Fat: 0.15%max
    Pb mg/kg 0.5 max
    As mg/kg 0.5max
    So2: 30PPM max
    PH: 5.4-6.4
    Acidity: 0.1 mol/l naoh/100g max 18.0
    Ferric salt: %(m/m) max 0.002

    Company: Qingyuan shengda group co., ltd
    Contact Person:
    Telephone: 86-536-6821880
    Mobile Phone:
    Fax: 86-536-6120196
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